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What Our Employees Are Saying

V. Bhaskaruni, Senior BI Architect, says:

New Vision is a diversified company with highly effective leadership. Employees want to work hard to meet and exceed expectations, because the culture is oriented around service to the customer. Everyone does their best to deliver quality solutions to our customers in a cost-effective manner.

It is a highly adaptable culture of respect and responsibility, where every employee is treated like an educated and independent person. Employees are fully empowered and relationships among them are based on trust. People support innovation and listen to new ideas with open minds.

In my tenure here, I have been given a lot of responsibility. I am treated like a professional. I know what is expected of me, so I can work toward completing those tasks. I recommend New Vision Engineering Group for many reasons, but some of the main ones are:

  • a highly skilled, very professional workforce
  • an ever-changing, highly dynamic project base that prepares you for the next challenge
  • a highly skilled and proven senior management team that has kept the company in the very top rankings of software companies
  • a wide variety of professional development levels, allowing one to move up a ladder of success
  • a collection of some of the nicest and most dedicated people you'd ever want to know

K. Wilson, Network Manager, says:

New Vision provides a Class A work environment for all of its associates. What's more, New Vision has continually demonstrated – through our highly skilled workforce and extremely dedicated senior management – that we are capable of providing high-quality software, database products, and services to all of our customers.

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